Winter Cold Storage

There are many different methods and techniques for winter or cold storage of your mower. In this blog, we go over the procedure that we use at our dealership.

When it comes to winter storage, the number one issue I always see after the long cold winter, is bad gas and varnished carbs. If the mower is EFI (electronic fuel injection) replacing an injector can get costly! Rule #1, always always treat your fuel! Better yet use ethanol free fuel. Gas with ethanol does not keep, it breaks down within a week and the changing temps from above freezing to below will cause your tank to collect condensation. To battle all of this we recommend filling your fuel tanks up completely to eliminate the room for condensation. Another helpful tip is to add some sort of fuel stablizer or treatment. Seafoam is a great product as well as stabil fuel products.

Another helpful tip is to keep your battery fresh and fully charged. The best way to ensure you get the most life out of your battery is to store the mower with a battery maintainer connected to the battery. This will keep the battery from freezing and fully charged throughout the winter when it is not being used. Battery maintainers are relatively cheap when compared to the cost of a new battery. If you store your mower in a location that does not have electricity, then a solar-powered maintainer is also an option. Starting your mower once or twice a month and letting it run for 5-10 minutes will also keep that battery fresh.

Depending on the location of where you store your mower this next step may not be such an issue but keep your mower covered. There’s no need to buy a pricey cover either. Most hardware stores carry tarps that will cover your mower completely as well. Keeping the water and the snow off of your mower will ensure that none of your cables and linkages freeze up, and your electrical components won’t collect water, freeze and/or short out.

When it comes to winter or cold storage, you can never do too much to keep your machine running like new. Keep the fuel tank full and treat the fuel. Keep the battery fully charged with a battery maintainer and keep the mower covered. These three simple steps will add to the life of your mower and keep it running in top shape when old man winter finally moves on and Spring’s warmer days bring new life to your yard and grass.